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sustainable toothbrush

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A Truly Eco Friendly Toothbrush

The toothbrushes are one of the most used products on the planet. That´s why many companies are trying to develop a biodegradable, organic, non plastic, and environmentally friendly toothbrush. Most of the time they sell these toothbrushes as sustainable, but they are not. They use to many natural resources and energy to manufacture them, even the bamboo toothbrush.

This is the reason why we decided to develop a reusable toothbrush. With a plastic free handle, made from stainless steel. You can reuse your toothbrush handle your whole life. Only replace the heads made from recyclable and antibacterial elastomer. This replaceable heads are able to provide the same cleaning experience  than the conventional toothbrushes.

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• Non-Disposable Toothbrush

• Premium materials

• Eco-friendly heads

• Antibacterial

• Saves around 83% of material

• Contributes to the circular economy

• Great cleaning results

reusable toothbrush
eco friendly toothbrush

Reusable Toothbrush - Replaceable Heads

Our replaceable heads are made from a high quality, medical grade, antibacterial and  recyclable elastomer. The reusable heads are able to provide great cleaning results. The difference is that this heads are more durable and antibacterial.

sustainable toothbrush cerobrush

The Head - A Sustainable Solution

recyclable toothbrush

We chose a medical grade elastomer for two reasons. The first one is because it is an antibacterial and durable material that can provide the same cleaning experience as the conventional toothbrushes. The second one, because it is an eco-friendly material. Why? Because this elastomer can be recycled endlessly.  With the help of our amazing audience, partners and followers, we are making a full list of places where you can dispose your heads responsibly.

recyclable toothbrush



Responsible Disposal


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